Concept: Function

URI: gc:OWLClass_607000

type: owl:Class





A Function is the task or activity to accomplish.

Een Functie is een te vervullen taak of activiteit.





     Access control system (building space)

     Access system

     Air cooling system (building space)

     Air heating system (building space)

     Air treatment system (building space)

     Approach detection system

     Approach signalling system (electronic)


     Back door (building)

     Balcony door (building)

     Beam (building)

     Boundary plane (building space)

     Broadcasting system


     Building access

     Building bounding structure

     Building frame

     Building separation structure

     Building structure

     Burglary resistance

     Cabinet door (building internal)


     Carbon dioxide

     Ceiling (building)

     Ceiling plane (building space)

     Chemical element

     Chemical system

     Climbing structure (building)

     Column (building)

     Communication system

     Connection structure

     Connection structure (building (space))

     Conveyor system (building (space))

     Datacommunication system


     Detection system


     Discharge system


     Door (aircraft passage)

     Door (animal passage)

     Door (goods passage)

     Door (persons passage)

     Door (ship passage)

     Door (vehicle passage)

     Door driving system

     Door fastening system

     Door lifting system

     Door locking system

     Door moving system

     Door operating system

     Door operating system (manual)

     Door operating system (mechanical)

     Door panel

     Door pivoting system

     Door relocation system

     Door sealing system

     Door sliding system

     Door swing system

     Door tilting system

     Doubel swing pivoting door

     Double swing door

     Dour route

     Draft exclusion system

     Driving system

     Duct (building)

     Electricity discharge system (building space)

     Electricity supply system (building space)

     Electronic communication system

     Elevator door

     Elevator system (building (space))

     Emergency door (building external boundary)

     Emergency door (building internal)

     Engineering system

     Entrance door (building)

     Escalator system (building (space))

     Escape door (building external boundary)

     Escape door (building internal)

     External door (building)

     Fastening system

     Fire fighting system (building space)

     Fire resistance

     Fire resisting structure

     Fire-resistance rating

     Flexible door panel

     Flooding protection system (building space)

     Floor (building boundary)

     Floor (building)

     Floor plane (building space)


     Frame (door/window)

     Free spanning floor (building)

     Fuel supply system (building space)

     Garage door (building)

     Gas discharge system (building space)

     Gate (building)


     Handrail (building space)

     Hangar door




     Industrial door (building external boundary)

     Industrial door (building internal)

     Insect-screen door

     Internal door (building)


     Lifting floor system (building (space))

     Lifting table system (building (space))

     Light access system (building space)

     Lighting system

     Linear shape

     Liquid water

     Load bearing building structure

     Load bearing function

     Load bearing wall (building)

     Locking system

     Material performance

     Material strength

     Mathematical system

     Mechanical transportation system

     Mechanical transportation system (building (space)



     Monitoring system (building space)

     Movement detection system

     Moving system



     Nitrogen gas

     Nitrous oxide

     Occlusion structure

     Occlusion structure (building)

     Operating system

     Overhead door




     Passage (building)

     Patio door (building)


     Pivoting door

     Plane shape

     Pneumatic dispatch system (building (space))

     Point shape

     Precipitation resistance

     Production system

     Protection structure

     Protection structure (building)

     Protection system

     Public address system

     Radiation resistance

     Railing (building space)

     Ramp (building)

     Relocation system

     Rigid door panel


     Roof (building)

     Room door

     Round the corner sliding door

     Round the corner sliding overhead door


     Safe door

     Sanitary system

     Sealing system

     Sealing system

     Segemented door panel

     Separation structure

     Shear wall (building)

     Shutter (building)

     Signalling system (electronic)

     Single plane sliding door

     Single plane sliding overhead door

     Single swing door

     Single swing pivoting door

     Sliding door

     Sound insulation

     Sound resistance

     Space access (building space)

     Space accommodation system

     Space boundary plane

     Space boundary plane (building)

     Space bounding system

     Space connection system

     Space lighting system (building space)

     Stable door (building)

     Stair ramp (building)

     Stairs (building)



     Supply system

     Swing door


     Telecommunication system

     Thermal insulation

     Tilting door

     Transportation system

     Travelator system (building (space))

     Truss (building)

     Ventilation system (building space)

     Volume shape

     Wall (building boundary)

     Wall (building)

     Wall plane (building space)

     Waste discharge system (building space)

     Water discharge system (building space)

     Water molecule

     Water supply system (building space)

     Water vapor

     Well (building)

     Wicket door